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Power Hike 2k19

2018 Power Hikers
2018 Hikers completed the Power Hike and raised over $6000 for TIO

The Missouri team is busy prepping for TIO’s second annual Power Hike. This year’s hike will take the Marines through the hills of the Ozarks – a rough, grueling, unpleasant terrain. “No one left behind” isn’t just a sound bite – it’s the ONLY way to successfully complete the mission.

There are a lot of questions that come up when one considers a Power Hike. What is a power hike? What’s the goal? Why on earth would people put themselves through such a thing? Plus, the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s and how’s (logistics)… All perfectly valid questions.

What is a power hike?

A power hike is a 26 mile, point to point, hike. Unlike the marathons you see on TV, a power hike takes hikers through, over, and around a challenging terrain. Hills, rocks, valleys, unmarked trails, (for some crazy people – mountains and canyons and bluffs…YIKES!). Hikers put themselves at the mercy of the elements – you could have clear blue skies and sunshine, or like last year’s hike, rain and snow and fog.

What’s the goal?

The marine’s completing the hike for True Impact Outdoors are working to complete all 26 miles, in 12 hours. The hike is not complete until every single member crosses mile marker 26.

They are also on a mission to raise money for TIO. As a 100% non-profit organization, True Impact Outdoors relies on fundraising to operate. Money goes to everything from events to apparel to equipment that will either support or be given to disabled veterans, first responders and youth. Every dollar counts and the marines on the power hike are seeking sponsorships and donations to help motivate them during the hike.

Why on earth would people put themselves through such a thing?

Simply, because they are rock star human beings! Some of it is ego, sure – proving to themselves or others that they can mentally and physically complete such a challenging endeavor. But for the individuals training for TIO’s power hike, their primary motivating factor is that they care about our mission. They want to help our country’s disabled veterans, first responders and youth. They want to give back to something that’s bigger than they are as individuals. They do this because not everyone can!

So, you might be saying: I can’t do that (or I’m not crazy enough to do that), but I want to help. Well lucky for you, you can!

How can I help and not have to get up early and hike this insane terrain?

By sponsoring or donating to a hiker! Each hiker is tasked with raising money before the hike. If you’d like to donate to, or sponsor a hiker, they would be honored to have your support behind them on April 20th. You can donate as an individual or a company. You can donate in honor of someone. You can donate anonymously. You can donate $1 or all the dollars. Your support will not only help us at TIO provide more opportunities and support for our mission; but your support will also help encourage our hikers during the hike when the going gets tough.

If you’d like to donate or sponsor or even just send words of encouragement – email TIO VP Anthony Mears at A.Mears@trueimpactoutdoors.com.

Also, check out the video from last year’s hike. This year we have over 20 individuals who believe in our cause and believe they can withstand the challenge. Please help them complete the mission!

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