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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Matt Oberembt was a young boy when his father first started taking him hunting and fishing. Participating in these activities became a time for him to reflect on life while becoming one with nature and all of God's creations. He liked watching the woods wake up in the morning and the serenity that came with being outside. As an adult, he found fulfillment in teaching and assisting others, enjoying the look of elation when someone would pull in a fish or harvest an animal. He wanted everyone to feel what he felt hunting and fishing with his dad. He realized he would like to reach people on a larger scale, specifically children, veterans and first responders. To do this, he would need an ally. Someone like-minded, passionate and caring. He knew immediately who he needed to call; longtime friend, Anthony Mears.

In 2005, both men were working towards a degree in construction management while working construction full-time. They were assigned as college roommates and quickly became close. After college, Matt went on to the construction industry while Anthony chose a different path and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. They wouldn't see each other often, but they still shared a collective heart and work ethic. They were also very passionate about serving others, and have out-of-this-world motivation and unstoppable determination. When Matt first called Anthony about his dream to help others, they talked for nearly two hours. At the end of their call they didn't have a name, they didn't have a logo, and money was tight, but they knew it was time to put a plan in motion.

They quickly learned that starting a nonprofit organization would present many challenges and hurdles. The first being balancing family, work and this new endeavor. Family comes first for them and they credit their solid foundation to their loved ones who've also made sacrifices to make this happen, However, with the support of their families and a lot of hard work, things finally started coming together. Several months after their life-changing phone call, True Impact Outdoors (TIO) quickly came to play a starring role in both their lives.

Matt and Anthony established a board to assist them on their journey. Nicole Oberembt (Matt's wonderful wife) was nominated as TIO's accountant, Garrett Gray was voted in as Secretary, Matt was voted President and Anthony became Vice President. True Impact Outdoors now had direction and structure and was eager to grow.

Dreams became goals, goals became milestones and milestones became the bedrock of their mission statement. Their dream to assist disabled children, veterans, and first responders was finally coming true. Matt, Anthony and the TIO board feel blessed and truly humbled to have this opportunity to give back to those who serve. True Impact Outdoors is here to make a positive impact on the lives of veterans.

Welcome to True Impact Outdoors. We hope you will join us on our journey to make the outdoors more accessible. Together stronger, together unbroken.

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